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Review - Sunfire

Yeah, two days later.


Oooh, this will the second (or first depending on which one I finish first) review for an exclusive figure. This time it is the exclusive A.O.A Sunfire. This came to be thanks to a Toyfare reader’s choice poll in which the readers got to pick which figure they wanted as an exclusive to the on line toyshop. The choices were; Lilandra, Magneto, Silver Samurai, Sunfire, First Appearance Storm, Gambit in his training costume (yellow and blue) Northstar and his sister Aurora. Obviously Sunfire won.

For those of that are not sure who this figure is, I’ll give you a brief rundown. The figure is based on the popular X-Men storyline Age Of Apocalypse or A.O.A. for short. The storyline took place after Xavier’s son Legion went back in time to kill Magneto and accidentally killed his own, thus changing everything and allowing Apocalypse to rule basically the world.The storyline took place somewhere around 1995-1996 and it was wildly popular with X-Men fans, myself included.

Sunfire’s real name is Shiro Yoshida who’s from Japan. During this storyline Shiro was a survivor of a massacre brought on by Holocaust who was one of the Horsemen of Apocalypse. He was given to Maximus, who is another Horseman to do with as he pleased. Shiro was made to use his powers to the max and it caused his entire body to be set aflame, which also injured him. He was rescued by the X-Men and of course joined them for revenge. He took up the mantle Sunfire for obvious reasons. The suit he wears helps controls his powers.

Speaking of his powers, he has the ability to absorb solar radiation and convert it into high energy plasma which busts into flame when exposed to oxygen. His powers basically make him a walking Sun.


Let’s start with the packing, because this an exclusive figure he gets a different packing style. Which is really awesome, the layout is pretty typical, little plastic prison. Figure posed inside. But unlike the normal ML packing, this one is styled specifically to this character. There are flames coming out from the top. Really making this figure stand out if you’re one of those mint in box people. Although from what I read on various forums people were receiving their figures a bit roughed up around the edges of the figure. So that might tick off some of the MIB people.



Moving on to the figure itself, this has to be one of the best figures Hasbro produced. Everything is pretty much flawless, the paint, the articulation, everything. I honestly can’t think of much if anything to rant about. The only thing however that annoys me is the two different hands. I think someone told me he has the same hands as the Yellowjacket figure. One hand is closed and the other slightly open. Also, for a figure that is known to be flying 99.9% of the time, it’s kind of odd that they didn’t have a peg hole in his back for a stand.


Everything on the figure though is pretty standard, he’s using the Bullseye body that most of the male figures seem to be using these days, normal articulation. He can be posed any number of ways. And the paint job is really good. I understand that this is an exclusive figure so they did a bit more of a better job, but they SO should apply this type of work to the normal line. It would do wonders.

Now, the problem with this figure for me is deciding where to put him. Granted he is supposed to a A.O.A. version of Sunfire, but because certain artists *cough Chris Bachalo couch* are lazy, this is how he looks in the 616 Universe as well. The only difference is the mask is a bit longer and the Rising Sun dot is a bit bigger.

I haven’t decided where I’m going to put him yet. I have a Alternate Universe shelf that he might go on, he also might go on the X-Men villains shelf. Not sure yet. But no matter where you or I decide to put this figure, it’s going to make a great addition to your collection.
Final thoughts: I think this figure will stand out as the best thing to come out of Hasbro. Until they get off their butts and start making better figures, and stop using those dam sigma six joints. I give this 5 out of 5. It’s that dam good.

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