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SDCC First News!

AFI has the first scoops from San Diego Comic Con!

Marvel Legends

WalMart Exclusive Wave- Aries Build-a-figure wave (8 figures)

Kang (looks like it’s a re-release of the Toy Biz Figure)
Crossbones (current version from the Captain America comic. He’s BIG almost as big as Aries)
F4 Human Torch (with a different paint job as a variant)
Guardian (classic Alpha Flight version)
Heroes Reborn Armor Iron Man
Vision (Classic version, 70’s-ish)
Ultimate War Machine
Ben Reiley Spider-man

More ML 2-packs

Stealth Iron Man/Sharron Carter (from the pages of the current Captain America book)
Classic 70’s Armor Iron Man/Maria Hill, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D
DumDum Dugan/Hand Ninja

Spider-man Classics aka "Hero Movie Action Figures" 6" Scale

Iron Spider-man(clear tint)
Red and Blue Classic Spider-man (big eyes McFarlane-esque)
Juggernaught (classic version and red and gold variant)
Venom III ("classic" with a long tail)

Spectacular Spider-man (Animated Series)

Green Goblin

Iron Man Movie Figures

Stealth Strike Iron Man
Classic Iron Monger (blue)
Atmospheric Diving Iron Man (light blue and black with clamp on flippers)
Satalite Armor Iron Man
Captain America Armor Iron Man
Mark I armor Iron Man (gold version)
Torpedo Armor Iron Man

New Super Hero Squad

Black Panther/Storm
Human Torch(clear yellow)/Hulk
Green Goblin/Sandman (comic versions)
Winter Soldier/Crossbones
Rachel Summers Marvel Girl/"condom head" Classic Cyclops
Many Jane (with spider-man mask in hand)/Spider-man hanging from lamp post
Captain America/Falcon
Black Costume Spider-man/Doc Ock
Captain America/Red Skull (with cosmic cube)
Wolverine (brown and tan)/Magneto
Master of Kung Fu/Sentry
Not sure how these pack out, but he also saw: Classic Ultron, Weapon X, Pyro, Ultimate Rhino and a BIG new Planet Hulk

Also a "Gamma Lab Adventure Playset with Hulk figure
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