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Marvel Legends Series 1 Recalled?

A-F reader CC writes in with news that Hasbro has apparently ordered the recall of the entire Marvel Legends Series 1 from Toys R Us stores in the US...

CC writes
Thought you'd like to know: Toys R Us has received an RTV (Return to Vendor) order for the entire Series 1 release for Marvel Legends.
In black and white on the RTV order, the reason for the recall states "poor sales".
Hopefully, this means Hasbro will get their act together and work on better quality product and pricing.
This order means that Toys R Us can't mark the product down... they have to return the product as soon as possible. This is a major line for Hasbro to cross. Toys R Us is not responsible for the cost of the product.

Any TRU employees out there able to confirm this?
Is an RTV bad news, or just a matter of course for a new line?

If it's true and you've not yet picked up the first series, might not be wise to hang around completing the series.

I'm not really suprised. Hasbro's ML's, have not been that good. And the Spider-Man 3 line dived hard. I think Hasbro MIGHT want to listen to the fans a little bit if they want have a god run with the Marvel Legends line, because if not I think they should give it back to ToyBiz, at least they knew what they were doing and knew how to put out decent figures.
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