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Dennis The Homophobe Slayer

More Questions.

Has there been any consideration to change the movie figures back from
5" to 6" scale?

We are always looking at our toy offerings and scale is something we
look at very carefully. Stay Tuned!

In terms of paint and articulation, is there any chance for more paint
applications or the return of some of the traditional ML articulation?

Both paint and articulation are handled on case by case basis...
taking into consideration the aesthetic of each character. Maximum
articulation sometimes detracts from the overall appearance and quality of
the figure. We know that many collectors and fans agree that the overall
apearance of a figure ranks higher than the articulation point count.

Any chance of a Fan's choice poll? Hasbro seems to handle them well on
the Star Wars brand, one would be fun for Marvel Legends.

Absolutely! We are looking at various possibilities for 2008 and 2009!

Would you consider a supplemental line that would re-release older,
harder to find Marvel Legends figures from Toy Biz's run?

While we can't talk specifically about future waves, yet, we can say
this --- There is a strong possibility that several old favorites could be
revived. Stay tuned in 2008!

Will flying characters in the future come with holes in the back for
flight stands and will flight stands be made available to purchase off

We are always looking to improve our toy offerings. Stay Tuned!
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