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action figure displays [09 Dec 2008|09:22pm]

Hi all, just wanted to give a heads up to a new type of product available that you might be interested in.

My best friends of over 15 years just opened a business selling action figure displays. As you can see from the examples below, if you have action figures, these displays for them really make them stand out!

See more at their website: http://www.actionfiguredisplays.com

Or search for their auctions on Ebay

Thanks for your time!
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[02 Dec 2008|10:29pm]

Hello. I'm new to this community. I'm not new to the figure collecting hobby.

I could sit here and go off about how I'm displeased with Mattel's distribution of DC Universe Classics. I could rant about my issues with "store exclusive" toy lines. I feel that it would just be preaching to the choir though.

Instead I'm going to use this post to ask you for your assistance.

I am currently trying to find the Walmart Exclusive wave ( wave 5 ) of the DC Universe classics.

They look like this. click to see bigger version

UPDate!!! Someone saw this and came through on the request for Kang and Crossbones ! Thank you!

I still need those DCUC figures though so if you can help me out that would rule!

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Review - Sunfire [09 Nov 2008|11:18pm]

Yeah, two days later.

Read the Review HereCollapse )
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*cough* Wow. place is dusty. [07 Nov 2008|01:10pm]

I'll have a review later today, but first some MOTU news!

the packaging has been revealed for the figures.


And the back, which looks a lot like the old style.


And we have the next Con Exclusive, but after the Con, will be made available in March for others.

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SDCC News! [25 Jul 2008|11:14pm]

Ok, so this is going to focus on Hasbro and Matell, so basically just the Marvel Legends and Master's Of the Universe Classics Line.


First Marvel Legends, as posted earlier there is a ton of new stuff to expect this year.

In September / October of 08 we can expect the Wal-Mart exclusive Ares wave to hit. The figures are going to be, Scarlet Spider, Vision, Human Torch, Ultimate War Machine, Heroes Reborn Iron Man, Crossbones, Kang, Guardian and they will form the Avenger Ares.

Somewhere in the Fall of 08 will be another wave of Two-Packs which will be
Iron Man (Classic Colors and Maria Hill, Iron Man (Stealth) and Sharon Carter. Dum Dum Dugan and a Hand Ninja, and then rounding out the classic colors Fantastic Four will be the Invisible Woman and Human Torch. Now all these figures will have like spare heads, arms whatever. So it's nice.

The Spider-Man classic lines will now be called the Hero Movie Action Figures. *shrugs*

The first wave will be Classic Tarantula, Juggernaut (classic look), Mac Gargan Venom and Scuba Spidey.

They are also adding a ton of more Iron Man movie repaints and more Hulk Figures.

ALSO, they finally confirmed the 3 3/4 (think GIJOE) figures.

Images are here for the 3 3/4 figures

Everything else can be found here http://www.thefwoosh.com/pics/index.php?cat=275

And now the news I thought I would be excited about bringing but not so much anymore.

The Master's of the Universe Classics line. For those of you that don't know, there are new MOTU figures on the way, but sadly there are several catches to this.

1) They will be online only. This is going to be considered a collectors line.
2) The figures will be in the molds/style of the DC Classic figures. But this will be the first time Master's of the Universe figures have articulation.
3) In order for the figure to be made they would have to appeared in the old and new cartoons or the comics. So basically multiple media. So figures like Shadow Weaver are a no go.
4) Figures will be in the 80's style, but with update looks.
5) You can only have two figures sent to your household. So you customizers? Can only buy two figures and then you'll have to have it mailed elsewhere. Stupid.
6) 20$ per figure.

King Grayskull will be released ONLY in North America due to electronics.

This is how the figures will come out.

He-Man in October, Beastman in November, Skeletor in December, Stratos in January of 09 and Merman in February of 09. Zodac is also coming in 09.

The Bios ont he card will be based on the story arcs from the mini-comics or the 200X line. They MIGHt be including mini-comics.

You can see figures of King Grayskull, He-Man and Beast Man here http://www.mattycollector.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayCategoryProductListPage&SiteID=matty&Locale=en_US&categoryID=12422000
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SDCC First News! [23 Jul 2008|09:20pm]

AFI has the first scoops from San Diego Comic Con!


Marvel Legends

WalMart Exclusive Wave- Aries Build-a-figure wave (8 figures)

Kang (looks like it’s a re-release of the Toy Biz Figure)
Crossbones (current version from the Captain America comic. He’s BIG almost as big as Aries)
F4 Human Torch (with a different paint job as a variant)
Guardian (classic Alpha Flight version)
Heroes Reborn Armor Iron Man
Vision (Classic version, 70’s-ish)
Ultimate War Machine
Ben Reiley Spider-man

More ML 2-packs

Stealth Iron Man/Sharron Carter (from the pages of the current Captain America book)
Classic 70’s Armor Iron Man/Maria Hill, Director of S.H.E.I.L.D
DumDum Dugan/Hand Ninja

Spider-man Classics aka "Hero Movie Action Figures" 6" Scale

Iron Spider-man(clear tint)
Red and Blue Classic Spider-man (big eyes McFarlane-esque)
Juggernaught (classic version and red and gold variant)
Venom III ("classic" with a long tail)

Spectacular Spider-man (Animated Series)

Green Goblin

Iron Man Movie Figures

Stealth Strike Iron Man
Classic Iron Monger (blue)
Atmospheric Diving Iron Man (light blue and black with clamp on flippers)
Satalite Armor Iron Man
Captain America Armor Iron Man
Mark I armor Iron Man (gold version)
Torpedo Armor Iron Man

New Super Hero Squad

Black Panther/Storm
Human Torch(clear yellow)/Hulk
Green Goblin/Sandman (comic versions)
Winter Soldier/Crossbones
Rachel Summers Marvel Girl/"condom head" Classic Cyclops
Many Jane (with spider-man mask in hand)/Spider-man hanging from lamp post
Captain America/Falcon
Black Costume Spider-man/Doc Ock
Captain America/Red Skull (with cosmic cube)
Wolverine (brown and tan)/Magneto
Master of Kung Fu/Sentry
Not sure how these pack out, but he also saw: Classic Ultron, Weapon X, Pyro, Ultimate Rhino and a BIG new Planet Hulk

Also a "Gamma Lab Adventure Playset with Hulk figure
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Random Toy News [05 Jul 2008|10:27pm]

Apparently Marvel Icons are coming back.

Wave 5

- 1st Appearance Daredevil
- Nightcrawler
- Daredevil

Wave 6

- Jean Grey (Phoenix)
- Colossus
- Jean Grey (Dark Phoenix)

Pictures Here

Marvel Legends 2-Pack Hi-Res Images
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Spiral to join the Legends Line! [21 Nov 2007|04:30pm]

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Skilled in swordsmanship and sorcery, this multi armed mutant is coming to the Marvel Legends Universe in 2008! Featuring an all new sculpt, cool accessories (including removable helmet) and six double elbows, this fan favorite is fully prepared to take her rightful place beside Mojo in your collection
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God Of War Figures - Review [28 Sep 2007|04:10am]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So, it’s been a long while, but I have a review for you today. Our review is the God of War himself, Kratos.

If you have been leaving under a rock since 2005 and have no idea who Kratos is, well, let’s see if I can help you with that. Kratos is the main character for the God Of War video game series. If you haven’t played the game yet, skip this part, as I’m going to explain a little about Kratos and might also give away plot spoilers. You’ve been warned.

Kratos is an original character created by David Jaffe, based and set in Greek Mythology. The world in which Kratos' story takes place is a fictionalized version of ancient Greece, with the mythological aspects altered from the actual myths to fit the plot. Kratos's character is based on Greek Mythology character Cratos, the personification of strength and power and one of the guardians of Mount Olympus. Some games also postulate that Kratos's personality and story is heavily borrowed from that of Hercules/Heracles.

SpoilersCollapse )

So enough about him and the game, let’s get to the figures.

Now I bought both figures, the standard version is Kratos with the flaming blades of Athena. The second one is Kratos in his Golden Fleece Armour with Medusa’s head. So there’s not a huge difference between the figures except the heads and armour. But for reviewing sake we’ll do them one at a time.

The figures are part of NECA’s Player Select line, which is basically just a video game line. The other figures are Lara Croft from Tomb Raider, Kain from Legacy of Kain & Agent 47 from Hitman. I believe the next wave of figures is going to be based off of the Castlevania games.

The package itself is really neat; the figures come in a clamshell. The front is a backdrop from the game and the back of the package has some pics of the figures and what not. Basically it.
PicturesCollapse )

Now the figures themselves.

First we’ll do Kratos with the flaming blades of Athena.

Let’s start with the accessories we have the blades of Athena. The blades were given to Kratos after defeating Aries. They are basically golden versions of his Blades of Chaos, which are Kratos’s most used weapons. These weapons are two large, falchion-like blades attached to chains, which wind around Kratos' wrists and are seared into his arms at the ends. He can do all kinds of really neat moves with those puppies. At the end (or start depending on your perspective) of the chains you can see two pegs that stick out on both sides, those pegs fit into the wrists on Kratos so he can hold the chains and you can pose them. The blades themselves can come out of the chains if you want to just have Kratos hold them.
PicturesCollapse )

The figure itself is really neat. They did a good job on painting it and giving him his white/gray skin tone. The ONLY little nitpicking thing they left out is the scar on his stomach. Since these are based on the second game, he got a scar from a stab wound from Zeus. But that’s nitpicking like I said. Everything is well detailed; I cannot praise NECA enough when they do their stuff. This version of Kratos comes with the angry face.
PicturesCollapse )

Articulation is also really good. He might not be as well done as a Marvel Legend or a Buffy Deluxe figure but it’s enough for pose ability. I didn’t have a problem with his joints when taking him out of the package. I don’t normally have that problem with the joints as I do with other figures. So that’s always a plus.

Here’s a AFNEWS tip: When dealing with stiff joints, there’s two ways you can do this that I recommend. 1) If you have a blow dryer, you can heat up the joints and by doing so you soften the joints, you should be able to move them. 2) Or, if you don’t have a blow dryer you can always take the figure and run it under hot water. 3)You can also loosen stiff joints by sticking the figure in the freezer for about half an hour.(From Jae)
Either way, make sure to be careful. Broken toys make the baby Pinhead cry.

Our next figure is the Golden Fleece Armour Kratos with Medusa’s head.

For the accessories, this version of Kratos comes with his blades and a spare hand holding Medusa’s head. The blades are the same ones that the other figure comes with, but they don’t have the fire chains attached to them. The Medusa head comes with a hand molded to her head so it’s very easy to pop off his hand and replace it with the Medusa head.
PicturesCollapse )

The paint job is as awesome as the first one. The only real difference between the two figures is this version has his Golden Fleece Armour. This version of Kratos comes with his normal looking face. Well, normal for Kratos.
PicturesCollapse )

Overall, I really have to give these figures a 10. NECA doesn’t disappoint ever.
PicturesCollapse )

That’s it for now. Well, until the next review. Which I hope will be soon.

Information about Kratos & the God Of War games were taken from Wikipedia.
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Is this even on? Heh. [28 Sep 2007|03:47am]

seraphic_slayer & myself wish to apologize for the lack of reviews in afnews, that will be rectified really soon as I have several reviews to post soon. One is currently done.

With that said, if ANYONE wishes to do any reviews on any figure. PLEASE, feel free to post them. Just remember to use cut tags and all that crap.

If you have any questions as to how you should do review. Drop us a line and we'll be glad to help. Or you could the memories of the group and look in the review section.
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Marvel Legends Fans’ Choice Poll [10 Sep 2007|06:12pm]

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Tired of letting fate decide which Marvel characters get made in the fan-favorite Marvel Legends toy line? It’s time to make your voice heard!

Hasbro (no stranger to Fans’ Choice polls thanks to their Star Wars line) has partnered with ToyFare for the first-ever Marvel Legends Fans’ Choice poll. Just check out the following images of the actual unproduced prototypes, then click on the link to cast your vote! The top vote-getter will become an exclusive figure at hasbrotoyshop.com!

What are you waiting for? Make up your mind, then make your choice count!Collapse )
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DST Cancellation Statement [22 Aug 2007|11:12pm]

Fellow Buffy fanatics,

It is with much regret that we must announce the cancellation of our upcoming Buffy the Vampire Slayer action figure lines, specifically the Judge waves and the Buffy Revamped series. Despite renewed retail support for the Buffy Season 8 comics, domestic and international orders for our lines have not met the necessary levels to continue with their production at this time. We still believe in the loyal fans of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, however the fact remains that there is not enough support throughout the product cycle to support these action figure lines in advance of their release. This cancellation DOES NOT mean we will not, at some point in the future, produce more Buffy/Angel figures, however these two lines cannot proceed as originally planned.

To date, DST has produced over 100 unique action figures under our Buffy the Vampire Slayer license as well as a variety of other products ranging from plush to resin statues and busts. DST's other Buffy product lines will continue as originally announced, including the ongoing line of Essence Statues.

DST Chuck
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HUGE auction [12 Aug 2007|12:20am]

Not so much news, well depending on who are you. I am getting rid of my Marvel Legend figures on ebay. Turns out I have over 30 of them. All one lot, all in pretty good shape. Check it out everybody and have a good one.

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SDCC Update [28 Jul 2007|01:25pm]

Legendary Heroes Wave 3

This is why I wish ToyBiz never gave Hasbro the ML line. I miss my figures looking this cool
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YAY! [26 Jul 2007|03:02pm]



New Cable, Jean, Domino & Cannonball! EEEEEEEE!
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New FIGURES [25 Jul 2007|11:13pm]

First look from Comic Con!


Spider-Man Movie Line

Fantastic Four Line

Rachel Variant!
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Buffy Deluxe Figures Wave 3 Advance Review. [11 Jul 2007|06:27pm]

As he normally does, must to my annoyance (playfully) Michael Crawford has done an advance review of the first half of the Buffy Deluxe Figures Wave 3. Which is of Willow, Kennedy, Kendra & The Chase Version of Willow (White Witch Willow). I haven't read them yet, but wanted to post the review here. He states that the figures should be about in a few weeks. So probably around the first week of August.

Read the review here.

Crossposted at: yep_i_am_dennis & afnews
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From Action-Figure.com [22 Jun 2007|08:24am]

Marvel Legends Series 1 Recalled?

A-F reader CC writes in with news that Hasbro has apparently ordered the recall of the entire Marvel Legends Series 1 from Toys R Us stores in the US...

CC writes
Thought you'd like to know: Toys R Us has received an RTV (Return to Vendor) order for the entire Series 1 release for Marvel Legends.
In black and white on the RTV order, the reason for the recall states "poor sales".
Hopefully, this means Hasbro will get their act together and work on better quality product and pricing.
This order means that Toys R Us can't mark the product down... they have to return the product as soon as possible. This is a major line for Hasbro to cross. Toys R Us is not responsible for the cost of the product.

Any TRU employees out there able to confirm this?
Is an RTV bad news, or just a matter of course for a new line?

If it's true and you've not yet picked up the first series, might not be wise to hang around completing the series.

I'm not really suprised. Hasbro's ML's, have not been that good. And the Spider-Man 3 line dived hard. I think Hasbro MIGHT want to listen to the fans a little bit if they want have a god run with the Marvel Legends line, because if not I think they should give it back to ToyBiz, at least they knew what they were doing and knew how to put out decent figures.
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More. [20 Jun 2007|05:32pm]

Hasbro really likes to beat around the bush huh? Man I miss Jesse.

1. Are there any plans for Marvel or Spider-Man action figures in the 3.75-inch scale?

Answer: It has been considered. We're constantly discussing new concepts & ideas... the bigger question is whether that is something that collectors & fans would like to see. Perhaps ToyMania could Poll collector's on this idea?

2. Will we continue to get themed Marvel Legends lines (like Spider-Man, Fantastic 4), or will it continue to be mixed, or both?

Answer: We are considering various concepts as we go forward into 2008 and 2009, themes always play a fun part.

3. Will there be any more 9-inch figures?

Answer: Do mean the Signature Series? As of now there are no plans for future waves of Signature Series.

4. Will you do a Fan's Choice figure poll for Marvel/Spider-Man like you did for Star Wars?

Answer: Absolutely! We are looking at various possibilities for 2008 and 2009, stay tuned true believers!

5. Will there be any new 6-inch (or Marvel Legend-size) non-movie Spider-Man villains/supporting cast?

Answer: We can neither confirm nor deny, stay tuned fans!
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More Questions. [20 Jun 2007|04:49pm]

Has there been any consideration to change the movie figures back from
5" to 6" scale?

We are always looking at our toy offerings and scale is something we
look at very carefully. Stay Tuned!

In terms of paint and articulation, is there any chance for more paint
applications or the return of some of the traditional ML articulation?

Both paint and articulation are handled on case by case basis...
taking into consideration the aesthetic of each character. Maximum
articulation sometimes detracts from the overall appearance and quality of
the figure. We know that many collectors and fans agree that the overall
apearance of a figure ranks higher than the articulation point count.

Any chance of a Fan's choice poll? Hasbro seems to handle them well on
the Star Wars brand, one would be fun for Marvel Legends.

Absolutely! We are looking at various possibilities for 2008 and 2009!

Would you consider a supplemental line that would re-release older,
harder to find Marvel Legends figures from Toy Biz's run?

While we can't talk specifically about future waves, yet, we can say
this --- There is a strong possibility that several old favorites could be
revived. Stay tuned in 2008!

Will flying characters in the future come with holes in the back for
flight stands and will flight stands be made available to purchase off

We are always looking to improve our toy offerings. Stay Tuned!
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